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Original Ladle: 

The Original Ladle is our premier soup and sauce ladle.  The Original Ladle was designed to be a vertical wooden ladle.  When the ladle is submerged into a deep pot, the ladle is in a vertical position, allowing it to scoop the entire contents from the bottom of the pot and with the sharp rim around the ladle’s edge, it pours perfectly.

This ladle is the epitome of striking curves and elegant beauty.  This ladle has an endless choice of beautiful contrasting wood to choose from.  It is created two different ways; with the contrasting solid wooden rim or a laminated striped wooden rim. 

The Original Ladle can be purchased singularly or with an accompanying wooden ladle stand crafted from the same wood choice as the ladle.

18 ½” by 4”

Striped Rim Ladle:  

This ladle is the same as the Original Ladle but the rim has two 3/16” contrasting wooden stripes between the ladles rim and the body of the ladle.  The Striped Rim Ladle adds an air of complexity and detail to accent the colors between the contrasting woods of the ladle.  This ladle is very striking and handsome.   (Ladle stand not included - see below).

18 ½” by 4”

Original Ladle Stand: 

The original ladle stand is crafted from the same wood as the desired ladle.  It is very elegant and allows you to display your art where it can be appreciated and admired.

Little Gravy Ladle:     The Little Gravy Ladle is a smaller version of the Original Ladle.  Whether you are dipping sauce at your grill or serving dressing at your table, this handsome little ladle displays your fine taste in culinary art. 

10” by 2 ½”

Deep Jar Ladles: 

The Deep Jar Ladle is one of our most vertical ladle with a small 90 degree cup.  This ladle is created with your choice of a solid cup or a straining cup with holes.  This ladle was created for dipping into a deep jar for olives, garlic or seasoned oils.

18” by 2 ¼”  

Salad Dressing ladles:

The Salad Dressing Ladle is a shorter version of the Deep Jar Ladle.  It is just as vertical with a small 90 degree cup as the Deep Jar Ladle.  This ladle was designed to serve dressings from deep pots that you might use at banquets, receptions or reunions.  Add a touch of class by bringing wood back to your banquet table.  

14” by 2 ¼”