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Angled Spatula:   

The Angled Spatula is a traditionally shaped spatula used for either frying or grilling.  Because there is oil in the wood and oil in the food, this spatula will not be harmed when exposed to heat. 

The contrasting woods used in creating this spatula are actually both structural and decorative. 

Exposure to heat, soap and moisture, could eventually damage the sharp edge of the spatula’s tip.  By locking in the end grain of the paddle with a cross grain tip, the paddle has not only been made attractive, it has been made stronger than the wood could ever be.

With a wooden tip the spatula is safe to use on coated Teflon pans.  The Angled Spatula was designed to be a beautiful addition to your culinary collection and with all the choices of colorful contrasting woods, the Angle Spatula is sure to match any kitchen decor. 

19” by 3 ½”

Stir-Fry Spatula:

The Stir-Fry Spatula has a narrow blade and a long curved handle.  It is an all purpose spatula to help you stir as well as turn over food.  This spatula also has a decorative cross grain tip, which allows you to have the wide variety of contrasting wood choices.  The Stir-Fry Spatula is not only one of our most popular spatulas but it is the most used culinary pieces on our stove top.

17” by 2 ½”

Short Stir-Fry Spatula:

The Short Stir-Fry Spatula is a shorter version of the original Stir-Fry Spatula.  This spatula offers you an additional choice to stir fry and is simply a matter of personal preference for the use and feel with your cooking.

13” by  2 ½”

Ball Spatula:

The Ball Spatula is another version of the Short Stir-Fry Spatula.  It was created to fit the palm of your hand and has a different feel when used.  The Ball Spatula is a very attractive spatula and would make a unique addition to you culinary collection.

13 ½” by 2 ½” 

Ball Spatula (no tip):

The Ball Spatula with no tip is an alternative choice in spatulas.  With its wider blade this spatula has a different look and feel from our other spatulas. 

13 ½” by 2 ½”

Cake Spatula:

The Cake Spatula is a unique spatula that is sure to attract compliments when presented on your table.  This spatula is offer with and without a decorative tip.

11” by 2 ¼”

Batter Spatula:

The Batter Spatulas come in either a left hand or right hand version.

10” by 1 ¾”