Our Spoons

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Cooking Sauce Spoon:

“Our Original Spoon”; the long curved handle keeps your hand out of the steam, oil and heat.  The flat tip on the handle and the flat underside of the cup stabilizes the spoon so it won’t tip over and spill; just perfect for letting your sauce cool so you can taste it.  With its long fair curves, perfect symmetry and the fluted cup this spoon is truly unique and like no other found.

18 ½” by 2 ½”  

Crazy Cooking Sauce Spoon  Well, that’s right Dave went crazy.  It’s the Cooking Sauce Spoon that went curvy—and Dave loves curves.  The neat thing is that it feels ergonomically correct, the curves tuck right into palm of your hand.

18 ½” by 2 ½” 

Slender Lady Spoon:  

This spoon has a more slender handle and is a shorter version of the Cooking Sauce Spoon.  This spoon has very distinctive curves making it one of our most an elegant and sexy cooking sauce spoon.  It’s a favorite.

14” by 2 ¼”

Deep Cup Serving Spoon:

This spoon has a shorter and thicker handle.  It also has a higher lip on the rim making it ideal for scooping and serving.  The spoon has an attractive fluted cup making it a very unique piece.  Liz uses this spoon to serve mashed potatoes, rice dishes and to scoop ice cream.

12 ½” by 2 ¼”

Flat Spoon:

This spoon has a flatter profile with a wide, shallow blade and a long thin handle.  This spoon is great for stirring and sautéing.

13 ½” by 2 ½”

Corner Spoon:

This one gets in those tricky corners of your sauce pans so you can capture every last bite.  No more burning foods in the corner of your cooking pans.

14” by 2 ½”

Tear Drop Spoon:

This spoon is a thin, elegant sauté spoon with a narrow tear drop blade and a long slender handle.

13” by 1 ¾”

Stove Top Stirring Spoon

These cuties are perfect for melting butter, stirring your veggies, gravies or sauces.  This spoon is great for your small stove-top pans.

11” by 1 ½”


A true tablespoon.  We eat with these spoons which allows us to reflect on a more natural and wholesome time.  We like to think that our food tasted better with a wooden spoon.   People love to use this spoon to serve with too.

8” by 1 ¾”

Baby Spoon:

Okay... cute.  Not only do the babies eat, play and teethe with these, but I use mine to serve hummus, tapenade or even sauces at parties.  Easy to hold and super soft to feel.

5 ½” by 1 ¼”

Honey Dipper Spoon:     Perfect for dipping into a narrow honey jar and then spreading your honey on your toast.

9” by 1 ¼”

Large Straining Spoon:

Scoop and strain your stews or pasta with this chic straining spoon.

18 ½” by 3 ½”

Small Straining Spoon:  

Small Straining Spoon is not shown at this time.  It is a smaller version of the large straining spoon.

12” by 2 ¼”

Crazy Straining Spoon

Dave’s gone crazy with the curves again!  This spoon is a combination of the Large Straining Spoon with a Crazy Spoon handle.  This spoon has won us many awards and is truly art that you can use and enjoy.

18” by 3 ½” 

Shoe Spoon: 

This one is completely different.  Dave had a special request to create a tool that could assist a lady with putting on her shoes without having to bend over.  Thus this one of a kind Shoe Spoon was born.

26” by 1 ¾”

Risotto Spoon

This spoon is perfect for stirring to get the soft fluffy texture of any grain.  

12” by 2 ½”