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    “The Forever Bowl”  

Why did I make a large Caesar salad bowl?  When I was a little boy my father loved to cook and entertain.  One of his favorite culinary presentations was his Caesar salad show.  My father had a beautiful large wooden salad bowl.  He would gather a table full of friends and the performance would begin.  As he laughed and joked, his famous Caesar dressing would be created from scratch in his large salad bowl.  I remember how he crushed the anchovies and garlic in the bottom of the bowl.  He would squeeze the lemons then crack and whip the egg.  As the Worcestershire and the olive oil were starting to blend, he would simultaneously be finishing his home made roasted croutons… for my father, timing was everything.  When the ice-cold romaine was uncovered and placed into his bowl, and the grating of the Parmesan and Romano cheeses were complete then the grand finale would begin.  As the romaine was thrown into the air and the laughter roared, the masterpiece was ready to be served.  When my father died his beautiful bowl disappeared and his famous recipe has never been exactly duplicated, but the memory of his grand performance will never be forgotten. 

In the memory of my father I wanted to try to replicate his Caesar salad experience.  The problem was, where do I find a large Caesar salad bowl?  After exhausting a long and lengthy search I realized none could be found.  The only option was to create my own bowl.  After my family and I began using our new large bowls with my father’s recipe, I wondered if anyone else was looking for a large Caesar salad bowl too.  I introduced my Caesar salad bowls in an art show last year and the response has been overwhelming.  I guess other folks like to create Caesar salads and enjoy the presentation experience too. 

The Caesar Salad Bowl is a hand carved salad bowl, not turned on a lathe.  Bowls are laminated with catalyzed polymer resign and are made sectionally from board lumber allowing each bowl to be custom made from the hardwood of your choice.  Every joint in the bowl is spline cut for strength.  The bowl is shaped and faired to perfect symmetry and smoothness by hand and sight alone. The bowl is then polished to a fine oiled finish.   The Caesar salad bowl is made for a lifetime of use and I prefer to call each one “a forever bowl” in memory of my father.  Each bowl has a contrasting wood center to draw your eye back to the center of the bowl. The Caesar Salad Bowl was designed with a simple yet elegant shape.  The inside of the bowl has a round curved shape to allow your salad and your dressing to return to the center while tossing.

The Caesar salad Bowl is offered in a variety of different hardwoods:  Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Red Cherry, African Mahogany, Brazilian Canary, Teak, Koa and Red Birch.  Contrasting hardwoods:  Chilean Bloodwood, Hard Maple, Black Walnut

Finally we all now can have a large wooden Caesar salad bowl for the presentation and the love of the famous Caesar salad.  


Large (20” wide by 5” deep) or Small (18” wide by 4 ½ deep)

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Brazilian Canary Bowl

Brazilian Canary Bowl

Brazilian Canary Bowl

Hard Maple Bowl

Brazilian Canary Bowl with Stand

Brazilian Canary Bowl with Stand

African Mahogany Bowl

Brazilian Canary Stand

Walnut Bowl with Stand

Cherry Bowl with Stand